Soundtrack to My Revolution [the soundtrack that will strengthen you against the forces of the haters and oppressors alike]

I spend most of my time with some type of music in my ear. Whether I’m on the metro or the bus or walking to class or cooking up dinner for the week I usually always have some type of magical melodies and/or dope beats surrounding me. My musical tastes are pretty diverse in that I can be musing over the intricacies of a Janelle Monae song or a Jay Elec verse and then in the same session be shaking to the beat of Slight Work or Flawless. And you know what, that’s just how I am, and honestly that’s probably reflective of my entire life from my academic interests and writings to my TV viewing choices. I will discuss shifting paradigms in the field of gender theory and the authenticity of a New Orleans bounce beat in the same conversation. My activism just works that way. If that’s not how it works for you and you think I’m a complete fence-rider/impostor for my sensibilities well:

There's a lovely door to the right where you and your sensibilities may exit
There’s a lovely door to the right where you and your sensibilities may exit

Earlier this month, a good friend called upon me and another friend to suggest songs for her to work out to, and she wanted them to be by female artists and/or pro-women. Of course, I was ecstatic to create this ultimate feminist playlist instead of doing real work for school or thesis or anything and jumped to the task like:


So here’s the list and the commentary I attached to it, I actually spent an inordinate amount of time creating this list.

Bri’s Empowering, Heart Rate Raising Playlist for Boys and Girls of All Ages

Elle Varner-Soundproof Room Because Elle Varner wants to ravage some good looking coed

Nicki Minaj-Romans revenge Ruff ruff like a dungeon dragon

Beyonce- Because all of these will raise your heart rate while also strengthening you against the forces of “ain’t bout ish” men.
-Lost yo mind
-Green light –
Get Me Bodied
Suga Mama-this is a particular fave because she spoils a man with lavish gifts as reward for him putting it down in the bedroom

Janelle Monae-Because if we are in a revolution, Janelle would be a general. And she’s super clever and uses dancing and music as protest and revolt
-Cold War
-Ghetto Woman
-Dance Apocalyptic

Valerie June-Working Woman Blues,She’s a black folk singer from Tennessee. there’s no reason not to love her

Kimbra-Come Into My head

-Best for last
-Rumor has it

Jill Scott- she’s a black woman unashamed of her curves and her sexual freedom
-Crown Royal
-Hate On Me

Chaka Khan-What You Gonna Do for Me

Janet Jackson-Doesn’t Really Matter

Danity Kane-Striptease

Destiny’s Child- Independent Women Part 2

En Vogue-Free Your Mind…and the rest will follow

Esperanza Spalding because she’s like the youngest professor at Berkley and is a classically trained musician 
-Black Gold,
-Radio Song

KING-The Story

Solange-tony, and the entire true ep Yeah Bey’s sister is that deal, she’s a Knowles, can she help it?

Tamar Braxton-Hot sugar

Mela Machinko-Get that cash and run, This woman has pipes and she sings about whatever she wants whether it’s hustling, being in love, or threatening to chop her beloveds junk off for cheating


Yuna-live your life It’s a jam

Georgia Anne Muldrow ft Mos Def-Roses

MIA- she has no damns to give about the patriarchy or capitalism
-Bad Girls

La Roux-Bulletproof Don’t we need to be at least metaphorically bulletproof against the darts of patriarchy


India Arie-I am not my hair

Soldier-Erykah Badu, not really a workout jam but it’ll inspire you to fight the patriarchy nonetheless and that’s what matters most

Iggy Azalela-Work, it’s quite the jam, BUT she’s kinda a notorious cultural appropriator so use your discretion on this one

Big Mouth-Santigold

-Where have you been
-Cockiness-if you don’t already have it 

After Party-Koffee Brown

Male Artists- If you feel like adding a little extra twerk to your list, they are here for you
Busta Rhymes-twerk it
Wale-Clappers shawty does in fact have a big ol’ butt so why not let her celebrate it within her own parameters and on her own terms
Drake-fancy yes Drake I am fancy, hair done, nails done, everything is in fact did

Hope you enjoyed this and will take some of these works and add them to your jamming/exercise playlist. Any suggestions on what to add to the list and/or what do you listen to when you want to be empowered/energized at the same time. Go vibe in peace!



“I do not pray only for them. I pray also for those who will believe in me because of their message”- John 17:20


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