New Year Energy

It’s December 31st and ya girl, the Doctor, is coming with the New Year Energy. I’ve always loved the start of a new year. The chance to flip a new page and fill it with even more adventures. So here, as a token of my 2019 vibes, is a random collection of thoughts from the year. Ones that may not be profound, new or life-changing, but persisted nonetheless.

1.  Accepting change does not mean not reacting to change. Regardless if you see it coming or not, change can still be painful and overwhelming. Even when you adjust to the change, it can still be bothersome and annoying and sometimes that’s fine because no one is happy with something all of the time. 

2. You gotta be responsible for your own happiness. Stop compromising on things you don’t want to compromise on just so you can later hold your ‘sacrifice’ over someone else’s head. No one is obligated to keep you happy and fulfilled except for you. Set boundaries and be comfortable with what happens afterward. Just because it’s what you wanted doesn’t mean it’ll make everyone happy. 

3. Say what you’re trying to say. Impact and clarity are far more valuable to me than delivery. Some might call it rude or a character flaw, all of which may be true, but I just care more about you hearing what I meant than you being happy with what I said. I agree that tone matters, but you also can’t overly concern yourself with managing everyone’s emotions to your words. 

4. Protect your peace. No one else will guard it the way you will. Point blank. Period. Not bae, not your kid, not your parents, and not your friends. Everyone is seeking their own happiness. 

5. Do the things that contribute to your overall joy. Every task you do or every relationship you develop may not be on the direct path to your dreams but if you trust the journey, you’ll get some great lessons out of it nonetheless. 

6. We all have to do some things we don’t want to do. Just make sure you’re getting something of value out of it. No path matches the idea in your head, it’s fine. 

7. Learn what you need for your sustenance and self-care as quickly as possible. Then commit to keeping that thing in your life. If you need one hour a day of total silence, so be it. All cars need fuel. 

8. Love really is what lingers long after the dust settles and all papers are signed. Pursuing whole love will always lead to alignment with self. 

9. I do not thrive where I cannot create. 

10. Faith is really what keeps us in the game. Solid effort and a bunch of blind faith. 

11. If you tell the universe you want it and it’s meant to be part of your ultimate purpose, you’ll get it. But don’t ask for things you aren’t ready for because that’s just a waste of everyone’s time. 

12. Honesty sucks. It’s painful to share and it’s torture to hear at times, but everyone is better for it. Make no mistake though, if it feels like being transparent is active, exhaustive work it’s because it is. Hasn’t gotten easier yet. 

13. Meditate. Meditate. Go do some stuff. Meditate some more. 

14. You owe it to yourself to stay active. Your body feels better when you do. 

15. Every relationship is the product of ongoing work and nourishment by all parties involved. There is no auto-pilot only expected patterns of interaction and willingness to engage those patterns. Every single day you have to opt-in. Every. Single. Day. And if you see a day coming up where you don’t wanna opt-in, you owe it to communicate that feeling to the other person. If that feels gross, see point #12. 

16. If you’re interested in it, pursue it. Take the opportunities presented to engage it, enjoy it without guilt [as long as it brings no known harm of course].

That’s all the ramblings I have for the year. Be blessed my friends and keep sharing your light. 

-Dr. B.Alexandra


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