It has to do with race so does that make it racist?

With the recent airing of the ‘drop it like it’s hot’ Sun Drop commercial and the ban of the Serena Williams gaming ad I started to think about some things. What would happen if a person of the opposite race of the person in the commercial would have done the commercial instead of the person who did it? Basically, what if the Sun Drop girl was black or latino and a white girl was in the Top Spin 4 commercial. Would the reaction be different? And the answer is yes. And it kinda sorta has to do with race, but it’s not an ‘ America has a double standard and racism still exists and freedom is not free’ type of thing. It’s more of a ‘characteristics of certain races tend to come off a certain way’ type of thing.

Imagine if this was Beyonce
Imagine this as someone who is relatively "donk-less"

Why was the Sun Drop commercial considered so adorable and funny? Because the girl in the commercial wasn’t dropping it because she didn’t have that much to drop. So of course no one was distracted by her huge donk or her sinful thought-causing hips because she had none. It’s basically the same way it’s funny when little kids try to “shake it like a saltshaker” but when that same little girl turns 16 it becomes real unfunny. Imagine if Beyonce’ or J-Lo was dropping in that commercial like the Sun Drop girl. The ad would have looked completely different. I mean completely. It would have gone from funny beach party to rap video in a matter of milliseconds. But it’s not because every one is a racist and if any one of color does something it’s assumed to be negative[although that is a relevant and sad truth in MANY situations in our society], it’s because it just looks different. Just like if Lady Gaga was in the Top Spin 4 commercial. They probably wouldn’t have stuck her in a leotard and fishnets because it wouldn’t have looked as sexy because she’s built very different than Serena Williams. The ad was considered racy because Serena’s HUGE, MAGNANIMOUS behind was shown in the ad a million times. Seriously, the camera zoomed in on it like ten different times just in case you missed it 2.5 seconds before. Notice in the Sun Drop commercial the camera didn’t focus on the sexiness or the girl’s donk because: 1. that wasn’t the aim of the ad and 2. the girl didn’t have much donk to shake.

Basically, alot of these things are based on race but it’s rooted in natural differences not skewed perception. It’s the reason why black women are usually the majority of women in the really sketchy, ignorant, misogynistic rap videos. Because the point of these videos is to show “hey look at all the hot things I have in my life. all the women around me are so hot they make you want to step over bibles to get with them. These girls will make you want to rob a church.” And the type of girl that is quickest to bring these thoughts to your mind is a scantily clad, stripper heel-laden big booty-having Black/Latino woman. It’s just the appearance.

So before you grab your megaphone and picket signs, just calm down and think about it logically. Yes, it is true that if you are promoting a video game or new cola maybe donks and ‘dropping it’ shouldn’t be involved at all. But since companies have to make some kind of return on their advertisements, they’re gonna grab a dollar however they can. Not everything is completely about race and discrimination sometimes physical differences are just the root of the problem and Serena’s huge, cornbread-eating, ‘I cause whiplash everywhere I go’ behind will always be way more inappropriate than awkward red head girl spazzing and  doing something  remotely similar to dropping it.

Peace and Love and God’s Grace,


“Therefore I tell you whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours”-Mark 11:24


8 thoughts on “It has to do with race so does that make it racist?

  1. Agreed. That’s why I like my advertising without a side of steaming hot sex appeal. It’s distracting and leads to issues like this. I bet the Sun Drop commercial started out with a black girl but then they swiftly realized that would’ve led to more trouble than it was worth (cue Serena Williams’ Top Spin 4 ad).

  2. Observant, and very true. Now you have to ask, “WHY is this true?” That’s not some leading question to incite another argument, I’m just sharing with you where my mind goes after I have these types of thoughts.

  3. “Black/Latino women just make people think of sex/it’s not racist” is the laziest thing I’ve ever read. WHY do Black and Latino women have that effect? It’s NOT biology–beauty norms and standards have been changing forever. It’s because social conditioning and systemic racism has led to people sexualizing women of color to an extreme degree.

    1. Well hello there, not gonna lie, I completely forgot about this post since I wrote it 2 years ago and my consciousness has changed a lot since then but you’re right about socialization and hypersexualation. Yep all true, now why you couldn’t make the point without calling me lazy is far beyond me. But feel free to keep reading my blog, particularly my more recent posts that are a bit more reflective of my CURRENT state of thinking.

      Peace and love.

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