My Mayweather Friend

I’m gonna go ahead and throw it out there that this post has no type of educational value nor is there any advice encased in the lines of this post. It’s a complete rant so if you were looking for your usual nugget of helpfulness, well err this may not be the post for you but feel free to ‘stay calm and read on’.

So yesterday I went to a fight party. I’ve never been a big fan of boxing/any organized fighting because it has a Roman Gladiatior-Coliseum type of feel to me. I hate watching people be marred that’s why I can’t sit through the Saw movies, too much gore. But last night a relative of a friend of mine ordered the fight on Pay Per View and cooked some food and invited us over. Free food and friends? Why of course I’m there! So me and a few other friends kicked it at the fight party, eating finger sandwiches and Cheetos, a good time to be had by all. Since I was a noob [yep I just used the word noob] to Boxing-watching, I had no idea that there were like three fights that happened BEFORE the real fight which is why the big one is called The Main Event. We got there late but we were able to catch the two fights before the big one and I must say they were kinda sucky. Well the Undercard right before the main evet was sucky because both of the dudes kinda just ran around and were on defense the whole time but the fight before THAT fight was super gory and both the dudes had lacerated eyes and disfigured faces by the end of the match. There was blood EVERYWHERE. I thought I was watching a MMA fight at one point because of all the open wounds and blood. Still it was a fairly entertaining series of fights, but nothing tops the Main Event, Mayweather v. Ortiz.

I was rooting for Floyd basically because everybody else was and I had heard about how good he was prior to the fight, but mostly because if I wasn’t Team Mayweather I’m sure my guy friends I was watching the fight with would have had me tarred and feathered. It was a good first three rounds, both fighters were playing pretty well but Mayweather was winning so everyone thought it was gonna be a pretty entertaining and lively twelve rounds. Then in about round four this happened:

The fight was over. And we were all just like “whaaaaaaaaaaaaa?”. Mayweather won. That was all. Well so I thought until people in the audience of the fight started booing and the commentators got all touchy about Mayweather punching the dude with his hands down. Thing is, Ortiz not having his hands up and trying to hug Floyd IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIGHT because he felt bad about illegally headbutting Floyd was not Mayweather’s problem, it was Ortiz. I know he felt bad for busting Mayweather’s lip but he could’ve apologized after the fight not right after the referee had just said ‘time back in”. I personally felt the punch was fair and Floyd deserved the belt because he was going to win it anyway. I honestly think Floyd just saw an opening to punch the dude for headbutting him and took it.
But readers who saw the fight, and even those who didn’t, how do you feel about the controversial Mayweather victory?

“I gain understanding from your precepts; therefore I hate every wrong path”-Psalms 119:104


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