The Story of David [not the one with Goliath, the other one]

As an “official in my own mind but not publicly acknowledged” blogger I am always looking for different types of inspiration and different ways to expand the topics I talk about and the blog as a whole. So I’ve found a new mode of getting things out to the blogsophere: through the Word. I know, I know “OMG! She’s turned into one of those Jesus freaks who only talks about Jesus and is not funny and is gonna beat me over the head with the Bible” No need to fear, the same MsBriBap is here. I’m just expanding the things I’m talking about to more than just stuff I encounter in college life, I also want to talk about stuff I encounter in the early hours of the morning when I’m spending time with God and reading my devotionals.

Cool if I do that? MMk good, cuz I’m doing it anyway. CATCH ME NOW COPPERS!!!!! [sorry, spastic moment]

.....once again it's NOT this story.

So for this post I want to talk about my favorite Bible Character, besides Jesus of course, David the King. Everyone knows the story of David and Goliath…if you don’t, Google it. I want to talk about a different story that, unless you’re purposely reading the book of 1 Samuel, you wouldn’t really know too much about. The story is found in 1 Samuel 30, and it basically talks about how David and his men had just returned to Ziklag, which is where all their stuff and families were, from living with the Philistines for a period of time. When they got to Ziklag they found nothing there, because the Amalekites had captured all their families and burned the place to the ground. Now as you could assume, this was extremely discouraging to everyone involved. In their anger and confusion, David’s men turned on him and even talked about killing him. My favorite part of this story is David’s reaction. 1 Samuel 30:6 says “David was greatly troubled. His men were even talking about killing him by throwing stones at him. All of them were very bitter because their sons and daughters had been taken away. But David was made strong by the Lord his God.” Even in the face of extreme adversity David sought God first. And once God spoke to him, he listened and was able to catch up the lames who stole all their families, defeated them, and got their people and ’em back.

I think this story is super applicable because we are ALL busy. I mean on any given day, I have thirty million things being asked of me and sometimes we get pushed into corners because deadlines are approaching, and people are vying for our attention and asking us what we’re going to do about it. It’s in our nature to just want to shut all the people up and just do what they ask, make them happy, make them go away, move on to the next chore, but sometimes what other people want us to do is not what God has purposed us to do. There are certain days that “running around like a chicken with my head cut off” can not even begin to describe how I am moving but I, nor can you, let your deadlines and tasks at hand to define you. That’s why i think it’s vital for us to stop and ask God if we are taking the right path as opposed to just living to please people and make deadlines.  We aren’t facing the threat of being stoned or murdered by our friends [at least most of us aren’t], but sometimes the pressure seems just as intense as what David was going through.  But if you seek Him, he will strengthen you to face all those who are nagging you and fussing at you and you will find a peace that no met deadline or checked off to-do list can give you.

So my beloved and devoted readers, is there any thing that you struggle with as far as deadlines or busyness? I’d love to hear your stories. And could you relate to position that David was in?

With all kinds of love,

– Briizy-B


One thought on “The Story of David [not the one with Goliath, the other one]

  1. for once i though about David and Goliath..

    let me share with you something i learned…

    do you know when David decapitated Goliath’s head, he buried it outside Jerusalem?
    do you know that place is called “Golgotha” ?
    do you know that Jesus was crucified in the place called “Golgotha”?

    it means that Jesus has decapitated the Giants in our lives…
    Jesus has won victorious over the enemy..

    so when faced with struggles and trials in life at work or home,
    the answer is “Rest” rest in Jesus. believe Jesus has won the battle for you..

    grace and peace

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