Letters to the Haters encrusted in Gold {My take on the Grammy’s}

As a 20-something with a smartphone, I of course was glued to both my TV and my Twitter feed for the 54th Annual Grammy Awards. There were fifty million things to comment on and talk about. So many things that complex words escaped me when I was trying to find a way to describe the night’s events. So the only scale of judgement I could come up with to describe stuff was: happy face, frowny face, and the noise”Meh”. “Meh” is basically indifference. So let’s begin with what a remember first and it’ll probably be a non-chronological account from then on cuz I can’t remember who went ahead of who.
The opening performance– Frowny face. Just didn’t do it for me and I didn’t really know what was going on.
LL Cool J opening up with a prayer for Whitney– Happy face. I think it was extra classy and a perfect way to set the tone for the night.
Alicia Keys’ and Bonnie Rait’s tribute to Etta James– Meh. I was kinda just like “ohhh well that’s nice I suppose….what’s next?”
The video of Whitney performing at the Grammy’s– Frowny face. Because it made me sad about Whitney’s death all over again and made me want to cry, but it was very touching.
The Civil Wars-Happy Face. I have no idea who these people are but when they opened their mouths to sing, beautiful things came out.
Seeing Nicki Minaj sitting in the audience– Frowny face because I had no idea why she looked like a hooded Cardinal from Rome. As soon as I saw her in her cape I knew that bad things were going to happen later on. No one believed me but I knew it.
Taylor Swift’s performance– Meh. Wasn’t quite sure where she was going with the performance but then again she’s not of particular interest to me so I never quite understand where she;s headed.
Jennifer Hudson’s “I Will Always Love You”-Happy face solely because she knew to not try the epic “Annnnnnnd Iiiiiiiiii” part and quit it early and left the song where it was. Plus, she had all of 12 hours of preparation.
Stevie Wonder’s random appearance– Extremely happy face because I adore him and I think he’s a genius and I have all his albums on my iPod, iPhone, and my iPad. I don’t care what people say about his hair, I will sit and watch him/listen to him whenever I get the chance. When I was 18 I stood in the pouring rain for two hours watching him perform at Jazz Fest. I enjoyed every moment of it and walked to my house soaked to my socks but ridiculously satisfied.
Lady Gaga in her seat– Happy face because she wasn’t on the stage making a mockery of herself. Plus she didn’t look like a man, or the anti-Christ, or a bird, or an egg or anything. She looked normal by fashion standards and I was glad.

"Oh look at the manifestation of all my talent"

Adele now having the ability to melt down all her Grammy’s and mold them into “Thank You” notes to mail to all her haters– Happy Face. I’ve been a big Adele fan ever since I first heard Chasing Pavement and bought her 19 album. That’s my favorite album but 21 was obnoxious amounts of goodness also.

The Beach Boys Tribute– Frowny Face. Just couldn’t get into the performance.
The Beach Boys themselves performing– Happy face because paw paw and ’em were singing their hearts out and getting it and running circles around all these nonsense-performing young folks.
Rihanna’s Performance with Coldplay– Frowny Face. I love Coldplay and I love the song “Princess of China” but the vocals for their sets were not on point. Chris’ voice sounded weird and shaky and Rihanna, well, the child just can’t sing.
Chris Brown’s first performance– Meh. It was alright. Kinda zoned out and didn’t understand where the dudes in squirrel suits came in to paly at.
Chris Brown’s “tribute to dance” with David Guetta and Lil Wayne-Frowny face. That just didn’t make sense and I got distracted by my timeline because it wasn’t engaging at all. Plus Lil Wayne was wearing pj’s [or some other coon wear] on national television.
Deadmau5– Happy face. I just liked the blinky eyes on the mouse head. It was kinda creepy on the slick too…..
Nicki Minaj’s performance– Frowny face. Besides all the religion disrespect it was just generally stupid. It was sporadic and all over the place and there were thirty trillion things going on. It was in extremely poor taste. She made a mockery of herself and of Cash Money and of humanity…..Coonery isn’t the word to describe what happened on that stage. One of the greatest voices of all music died the day before and that basic “artist” [I use the term very loosely] got up there and did that nonsense.
Sir Paul– Happy face. He played “Golden Slumbers” which is one of my favorite Beatles’ songs and He was jamming. He did an extremely good job.
That target commercial with the hot air balloon and the dancers and the non-English song- Happy face because it was super fun looking.

Rhinestone Cowboy– Happy Face. They played that song on Daddy Daycare and I love that movie Plus it’s quite the catchy tune.

Well that’s about it my dears! I’d love to hear your snippets about your Grammy viewing experience!!!

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young”-1Timothy 4:12


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