On anti-twitter island (the happenings of my 21-dayfast)

You all: Hey Bri i’m so glad you have been keeping up with your blog and being consistent with your blog.

Me: My bad…

So I know I’ve been MIA from my blog and whatnot but before you give me a “didn’t you say you would post regularly every month” talking-to, I had a good reason to go missing this time. Unlike my regular blogging lapses due to business with school, or life, or just pure laziness and procrastination, I stayed from the blogosphere this time because I was partaking in a 21-day fast with my church (shout out to all the Franklinites who made it all 21 days).

So every year my church has a 21 day fast at the start of the year, this year I decided to fast from eating till noon and I gave up listening to non-Christian music and social media. Yes, all social media. That means no twitter, no Facebook, no Instagram, and no blogging on my beloved blog. First couple of days was rough. So many things I wanted to take pictures of and share with you all, so many social commentaries I wanted to share on twitter…but after the first week it because more and more refreshing to not be so bound by the trivialities of the social media world and it was awesome to spend more time focusing on God and meditating on his word. I’m currently still studying the book of Jeremiah, wonderful read about God’s people turning away from him. Since there was a ton of things that occurred during the fast that I couldn’t share with everyone, I’m gonna share them now. So strap in for a whirlwind tour of my January up to this point.

Chopped off all my relaxed hair.

Yes party people I am currently rocking a teeny weeny Afro because I had all my relaxed hair cut off . I am fully natural and I can say I honestly love it. Currently no hassle with styling my hair because I only have about four tightly coiled inches of it.

See I'm Free From The Relaxer.
See! I’m Free From The Relaxer!

I’ve noticed I’ve picked up some new habits nthat I am officially all natural. One being that I now obsessively natural hair bloggers and tutorials on YouTube. I’m always like “Ooh I can’t wait till my hair grows out long enough, so I can twist it this way and that and then do this blow out and then be fabulous.” Another one Is that I now secretly ogle other naturals’ gorgeous hair. Being in the DMV, I see plenty of fellow naturals on the metro and whenever I notice someone with a particularly fierce natural style I’m like:

Tony Stark Needs<br /><br /><br /> it


I also now have even more amped up daily self empowerment sessions where I stand in the mirror and hit my dougie of self esteem and encouragement. And then I walk out the door like,



Went To The Inauguration

Alright, I don’t know if you know this but I love me some first family. It’s almost a problem but whatever. A cousin of mine offered me an extra ticket they had so I decided to participate in the hoopla and such. And it was awesome to see all the happenings and whatnot live. And can I say, I lived for Madame First Lady’s and the first daughters’ coats. I love me a great peacoat. Of course President looked great too, but the Obama women were everything. Even Grandmama Robinson had her color coordination going. I mean those gloves that the FLOTUS had on,come on! I dang near fell out. Another thing about the inauguration is that standing in 40 degree weather for five hours has a tendency to suck. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything because come on, its a tradition that’s been going on for over a century and I got free ticket to it, heck I appreciate it BUT I was not about that “I’m clearly slowly dying from the outside in because all my appendages are slowly freezing off” life. I was layered from head to toe y’all: gloves, thermals, scarf, ear muff-headband thing under a hat. And it was not a game out there. Folks were huddled in heat groups, laid out under trees, on the ground under a blanket, jogging in place to keep their feet awake….not a game, never again.

Started An All Natural Frenzy

So now that my hair is all natural I, of course, had to start practicing more organic living in other areas of my health care. So now I’m trying all kinds of do it yourself stuff like natural exfoliant face scrubs and masks and more healthy choices in the food department. Because contrary to what some people, myself included, believe everything DOESN’T have to be double deep fried and covered in fat and grease. Actually most things shouldn’t be….because you know that can kill you. Like you will most likely actually die in fat joe fashion due to your heart just quitting and finally succumbing to the grease and lard that coats your arteries and has found someway to poison your blood. Just saying. If ya want to see any of my ideas and comments about the different initiatives I’m getting into see my tumblr and i’ll start posting reviews on there.

Realized How Pointless and Stupid Most of the Shows I Watch Are

As you know I am always on the lookout for the newest form of ratchetry and how to stop it, so in order to be effective in my mission to eradicate it from all cities, states, and nations I must be well versed in the various forms of ratchetry out here in these streets. Best way to do that? Watch reality tv.

Well I’ve learned that the reason I’m able to make it through most of these shows is that I have a few other people who watch it too and can co-commentate on every thing that happens. And by a few other people I mean like 400 other people….on twitter. The social commentary that happens on my TL whenever any particularly big event/large display of ratchetness happens is phenomenal and it’s like one big perpetual roast fest. I love it.

Only thing is when you take away the 400 other people and it’s just me watching stuff alone, things get a little less entertaining. Actually they just get unnecessarily dumb. It’s like seeing something real weird and just standing there and watching it. Soon you realize there’s nobody to gawk with you so you just stop watching…because it’s stupid.

So that’s pretty much the biggest things that’s gone down since the 2nd of January. Any big happenings in y’all life since the beginning of the year? Any awesome New Year’s Resolutions? I wanna hear them all! Much Love!!

-Bri aka Briizy aka Brini Weenie

“Respect is not requested. 

 Respect is earned.

First you sow an investment,

Then you reap a return.

If you chill you’ll be cool.

If you fume you’ll get burned.

‘Cause flattery is free,

But respect is earned.”

Good stuff right?

That’s a poem from my big bro, Erick Brown. If you’re interested in more of his poetic works you can cop his book here! You won’t regret it I promise.

“You do well in everything else. You do well in faith and
in speaking. You do well in knowledge and in complete commitment.
And you do well in your live for us. So make sure that you also do
well in the grace of giving to others.”-2 Corinthians


2 thoughts on “On anti-twitter island (the happenings of my 21-dayfast)

  1. Erick and I laughed so hard at this! Welcome to the natural hair sisterhood and Congratulations on graduating from TV. It is mind-numbing how pointless it all is once you soberly see it for what it is. I should try a fast of some sort. They seem to be enlightening. You have inspired me! Oh and nice plug of Erick’s work at the end. 🙂

    1. So glad y’all enjoyed it!! Had to blow the dust off my keyboard after almost a month and a half since you’ve been over there blogging away!!!!

      Of course I had to share the awesomeness with the world.

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