Egyptians are Africans…because Egypt is in Africa [and other things the general populace needs to know]

As I peruse the various corners of the interwebs (which I spend entirely too much time doing as opposed to something productive like solving the hunger crisis or destroying capitalism from its underbelly up), I come across a plethora of things that make no got doggone sense.  And of course the majority of these things come from places where people get to share their opinions and thoughts with no inhibitions…aka Twitter. One thing I’ve seen multiple times is people “setting other folks straight” about how Pharaohs, and pyramids, and whatnot were from Egypt, not Africa….

so we really didn't know Egypt is in Africa?
So we really didn’t know Egypt was in Africa?

Is our education system failing our youth THAT much?!

I mean I knew things were tough out’chea in these streets but I didn’t know they were so rough that we can’t afford maps and globes for our classrooms. I mean come on! Egypt is as African as African can get. Wanna know why? because it’s right at the top of FREAKING AFRICA!!!!

*takes breath, does a quick whoo-sa, composes self, puts bougie hat back on*

Anyway, so just in case you didn’t know, yes Egypt  (and Libya) is in Africa. This lack of common knowledge inspired this post. Here are a couple of things I believe the rest of the world should be aware of just in case they didn’t know. Instead of posting a series of cliche’ tweets and hoping the message gets out through various retweets I’m gonna list some of my top nuggets of wisdom that I would like to share with the world (and by nuggets of wisdom I mean things I think are important)!

Everyone Is Not What They Seem (Literally)

I am a makeup fiend. I love wearing makeup, buying makeup, and watching other people do makeup. The more I learned about makeup, the more I realized that the art of makeup is about illusion. You can literally change the shape of your face with a few well-placed strokes of a blush brush and some contour powder. You can make impurities vanish in a matter of seconds with some good coverage concealer. I’m sure men have their own ways of grooming themselves and shaping their appearance but since I know so much about the art of illusion that is makeup I now believe that you can never say you LOVE the way someone looks until you’ve seen them fresh out of bed when they’re brushing their teeth and still look like the struggle (because EVERYONE looks like the struggle fresh out of bed).

If You Say Something Offensive People Are Likely To Get Offended 

I have literally tweeted this sentence so many times that I am shocked twitter hasn’t stopped me from tweeting it because I’ve repeated it so often. The more educated I become the more I realize the different ways things can be interpreted….and the more I see most of those interpretations are offensive. Here’s the thing about offense: you can’t regulate when people are going to get offended and you can’t tell folks how to feel once they are offended.If I feel something is racist or sexist or just plain wrong don’t spend the next three hours trying to convince me on why I shouldn’t have been offended in the first place. Just because you weren’t offended doesn’t mean the original act wasn’t offensive. It just wasn’t offense to you.

Take for example The Oscars. Seth McFarlane said some pretty offensive things. A lot of his jokes easily fell into either the racist or sexist category and a lot of people were offended. Of course, people came to his defense saying that “if you were offended by his jokes then there was clearly something wrong with YOU. And I mean it was all in good fun, right? So lighten up!” To which my response was ‘ha ha hell'(By the way humor/satire is never a valid excuse). The best reaction to when someone has been offended by your words or actions, whether they were looking to be offended or not, is to explain what you meant and if they accept it then so be it, if not well there ya go.

WIth that being said, if you do something with the intent to tick people off like calling a 9-year old an inappropriate name or making a stupid generalization about people don’t be shocked when folks get all up in your grill about it. If you tweet “Long live the Klan! May they always keep the foreigners in check!” Don’t be surprised when the Race Police and various other people with common sense write you strongly worded emails and whatnot.

You Shouldn’t Start An Argument You Are Not Willing to Finish

This point is the main reason most things on my Facebook feed go unchecked because I know I don’t have the time or patience to get into a social media argument, and you may call me pansy for it but I just ain’t got time for virtual arguments. That being said, do not start a debate or argument (whether via interent or in real life) that you have no means or intent to finish. That means if I post a statistic about how sexist America is and how women are abused across the world don’t you comment on it with “that aint’ true” and then when I reply to you with data to support my statement, don’t you reply with “*kanye shrug*”. You had no basis for your contradiction and then wasn’t even willing to engage in a discussion about it. This goes along with the age old African American Proverb,”Won’t start no stuff, won’t be no stuff”. Meaning don’t start something you can’t finish and if you do, don’t be surprised when your pride gets served to you on a platinum-encrusted platter.

Support Does Not Equal Correct

Just because people support your movement or your opinion, it doesn’t make it right. Don’t believe me? Here are a few examples of movements that had wide support but were still dead wrong:

The Ku Klux Klan, The Nazi Party, The Prohibitionists, The Ancient Romans, them folks who drank the Kool-Aid on that island with Jim Jones (not the rapper), People who believe reality TV is the answer, Satanists…the list goes on and on.

The Internet is a wonderful tool that lets people from around the world connect and express their ideas which means you could literally find a support group for ANYTHING. I dare you to type in the most random thing possible and bet you find a forum or discussion on it. This easy access means that not all support is good support and just because you got people to back you up doesn’t mean you deserve to be backed up. And if you EVER come at someone sideways about something completely irrational JUST BECAUSE there are five other people who agree with you don’t be surprised if this happens:

I'm Just Saying
I’m Just Saying

The More Your True Light Shines,  The Higher the Chances of Unpopularity Becomes

This has taken me a while to see but it’s true. The more you do what you are called to do, the purpose God has set out for you, the more likely you are to be seen as an outcast. Not saying that you can’t do yo’ thang and have all the friends and supporters in the world just saying there’s a chance that you won’t always be held in high regard because of it. For example, say you have a passion for race relations and following Christ. The more truth you share about God’s word or about the racist nature of the nation you live in, the more likely you are to make a few non-fans (non-fans are the opposite of fans, but not quite enemies). But even if that happens still do what you were called to do because if it’s clearly your purpose you won’t need the fake support anyway!

Let your light shine loves!

Let me know any major lessons the world needs to learn! I love seeing your comments and hearing your awesome words!

-Brini-Weenie aka Briizy aka @kewl_briize aka look at that brand new 23-yr old!

SHOUTOUT TIME (A few of my favorite Bloggers who are all about posting awesome things)

BronzeSugar, MasterTeacher, Ally Helmuth, Rhody and Stalkee

“God’s gifts of grace come in many forms. Each of you has recieved a gift in order to serve others. You should use it faithfully. If you speak, you should do it like one speaking God’s very words. If you serve, you should do it with the strength God provides. Then in all tings God will be praised through Jesus Christ. Give him the glory and the power for ever and ever. Amen.”-1 Peter 4:10-11



5 thoughts on “Egyptians are Africans…because Egypt is in Africa [and other things the general populace needs to know]

  1. Awww! Thanks for the ShoutOut. Anyways, Loved the post (as always). My favorite part is the last one. I, too have realized that truth is that one thing that everybody prides themself on loving, but it’s also the one thing that people just cannot handle. Oh well, they didn’t like what Jesus was saying either so that keeps me encouraged. *kanye shrug* lol

  2. My lady has a master’s degree and it wasn’t until she met me that she learned that Egypt was in Africa…

    Don’t make fun of her (because I will fight you). This actually is common amongst black people who brought into their education/indoctrination wholeheartedly.

    As I personally have discovered, the higher my education, the higher my knowledge of Eurocentric beliefs and the lower my self esteem about BLACKNESS.

    when I wanted to learn about ME, I had to read books on my own and find them myself.

    1. Oh definitely. You have to deliberately separate Eurocentric education from knowledge about our peoples and take upon yourself to be educated about black folks. I’m hoping to be a part of the change where black children learn just as much about their true history as they do the falsities of American history.
      But I did think it was alarming how effectively Egypt has been so separated from big black Africa.

      1. They moving the white Mediterranean Africa from black Africa. They classifying the people’s as white and Arab. It’s getting crazy

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