Are We Still Schmoneying for Freedom? {And other pointless inquiries}

As I go about my life, making plans for summer and trying to be the best excellent Black girl I can be, sometimes my mind wanders and I ponder things that probably don’t deserve/warrant as much mental energy as I give them. Here’s a few of them, some of them are more pointless than the other.

Is Bobby Shmurda still locked up?

I’m very concerned about this. As much as I love great, well-arranged music and lyrics, I have the quite soft spot for the ratchet anthems of the world. Though he only has two singles under his belt, Bobby Shmurda was a shining star in giving us mindless, aggressive, trash rap and for that I appreciate him. I know months ago he was supposed to be free but then a judge revoked his bail and was like ‘…or nah, how about you stay your reckless behind in jail.’ That was the last I heard about Young Shmurda’s incarceration status. Anybody got any updates? And do we know if his previously announced alliance with Migos is still a thing? Anybody?

Why do people repeat previously stated questions?

hate Q & A sessions with a passion. Many times people use this time to ask really specific and irrelevant questions that the speaker has to pretend they care about and answer. The questions that bother me the most though are the ones that start off with “Well, just to piggyback off of what [person in front of me] said..” or “[Other person] just basically said what I wanted to say,  but…[then person proceeds to say the exact same thing oh girl just said]” WHY? Why do you need to repeat a question or statement that’s already been stated? What are we, the people who are stuck here till you’re done asking that useless question, to gain from hearing you, Ray-Ray, Kiki, and Shameeka say the exact same thing four different times? Are you that pressed to speak out loud? If you are, why do I have to be victim to it? HOW SWAY, HOW??!!gosling judge

How does an incident that involves 170 people getting arrested not send up any red flags? 

Ok this one is slick real talk. Out in Waco, something happened where gang members got mad a t each other, engaged in a turf war, and had a brawl so big that 9 folks ended up dead, um-teen ended up injured in the hospital, and 170 got arrested. 170 ppl were taken to a jail y’all. That paddy-wagon had to be tight as all get out. Now y’all know I don’t acknowledge major news outlets no more cuz they be caping for the patriarchy and such but the few glimpses of footage I’ve seen from the incident it looked like a cookout. Everybody look like they chilling, some of gang members look like they were checking they phone, updating their Twitter feed and doing it for the Snap, and straight cooling. So you mean to tell me, a bunch of Whites running round here carrying out turf wars and just generally ruining lives and NOBODY is deeply concerned? Like is this just a regular day in the neighborhood in Waco or what? Folks get to popping off like that on the regular or nah?
Inquiring minds wanna know.

That’s all I got. Let me know any pointless questions you have.

Be easy, Bri aka Whitley Gilbert’s Sophistiratchet Baby Cousin bka The Chocolate Bunny

“Jesus replied, ‘If I bring glory to myself my glory means nothing. You claim that my father is your God. He is the one who brings glory to me.'”-John 8:54


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