I, Once Again, Left You Without A Dope Beat To Step To

I know, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted here, BUT if its any consolation I was still writing just not on the blog! But I’m back! Ya girl was outchea in this academic world studying for my comprehensive exams and compiling a dissertation proposal so all that time away from the blog wasn’t for naught! That’s about the long and short of where I’ve been…if you thought there was something more exciting happening during all that time…no

If studying for generals has taught me anything it’s that you have to make progress a habit. For me, progress was reading literature on black religion and black women and writing and conducting my research. I planned, I studied, I executed said plan, and I achieved my goal. Sounds hella simple right? claire-noI mean it wasn’t hard to do the things, it was hard continuing to do the things day after day, week after week, until generals were over. In starting my weightlifting life, doing them same damn squats week after week, going back to the gym day after day was a lot easier in theory than it was practice. Discipline and I had a heart to heart where I had to stare at the beginning of my planner/journal and write all the things I wanted to accomplish and write down step-by-step what needed to happen for them to get done. Basically, the only thing standing between me and my goals was doing the work to achieve them.


One of my staple Youtube videos during this time was Evelyn from the Internet’s post on discipline. I also watched a lot of documentaries covering apeople achieving their dreams through hard work, spiritual awareness, passion, and a tad bit of madness. And by a tad bit of madness I mean they, in some form or fashion, lost their minds and somewhere in the darkness of their weirdness and enlightenment they got comfy and began to create what they were called to create. It’s crazy how that works out. I know it sometimes seems that we are just ordinary and incapable of spectacular acts, but it’s not until you step back and look at what all your work has produced that you realize how much greatness you accomplish on a daily basis.

Keep working toward your goals.

If you believe it’s worth it, then it is.

–Bri aka “girl where you been, you don’t come around no mo'” bka the one with the big hair and the oversized sweats

“I’ve never stooped so low as to hate any man! For I’ve learned that in the long run, all mankind needs-wants-loves whatever good work you’ve done! Regardless of your race, color, nationality, or religion!”- Booker T. Washington

“Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?”-Matthew 6: 27


3 thoughts on “I, Once Again, Left You Without A Dope Beat To Step To

  1. You are so right! Often it can be the hardest when we get in our own way and end up doing nothing lol. I’m also trying to achieve quite a few things this year- 2017 is gonna be what we make it 🙂

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