Trying to Get Better in Tune with the Infinite [A Playlist]

Hey, Friends.

So ya girl is ‘outchea in these streets, enjoying being ABD. Since I had to write and rewrite thousands of words in the past two months, my writing spirit is tired and weary.

a puppet interpretation of me over the last few months.


I’m still working, rebooting, and recharging and in the meantime, that means no new full-length post.

BUT DO NOT FRET! THE YOUNG HOMIE WOULD NEVER COMPLETELY LEAVE YOU OUTCHEA IN THE WORLD (well, you know except for all the times that I did, like here and here.)

I’m posting one of my favorite self-made playlist. I started this puppy back in 2009 and it has survived multiple phone and iPod upgrades, two laptops, two degrees, and multiple bouts of tomfoolery on my part. MULTIPLE. So here’s my Relax, Relate, Release Playlist. Hope it brings you as many good vibes as it has brought me.

Happy days are guaranteed.




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