“It’s Just Safer to Assume I’m a Ninja”

Anyone who knows me and has seen me recently has also seen my “it’s just safer to assume i’m a ninja” shirt. Since the recent warm weather permitted,I had to bring it out of its winter hiatus. I feel this shirt pretty much sums up my personality. I know I usually have some fun-filled lists or tangents for you, my beloved readers (all five of you), but I decided to switch it up a bit by doing a post that not only lets you into my thoughts logic, but also lets you get to know me personally. I also decided it would be way more awesome in FAQ form. Fun Fact: the questions weren’t actually asked by anybody, but I assumed if I was at a press conference you would probably ask me questions like this. If you wouldn’t…well er, submit the ones you would!

What brings up this sudden desire to tell the virtual world about yourself?

Well, I was out and about perusing blogs that are better than mine and I checked out the ‘about me’ section and noticed they actually wrote awesome, informative things in their “about me” section. This made me go look at my own section and it paled in comparison for it was filled with a short bit about ninja shirts and cartoon monkeys. Of course i was too lazy to revamp my page so i just decided to put it all in a post. Because that takes a little less effort. (if you didn’t catch it, I’m kinda lazy) Plus it gets my post count up, which I have been striving to improve.

Why are you so obsessed with ninjas and Bobby Jack?

1. Ninjas-because they are walking, talking death wielding certified awesome beings. I mean they have swords. And you never quite know who is behind all that cloth. Plus they look spiffy on cleverly worded shirts. And you can’t see them in the nighttime or the daytime. I’m pretty sure I was one in a past life, right before I became pirate and right after I was a gypsy.

2. Bobby Jack shirts-they are so flippin funny. Plus the monkey is adorable and is all “hey look how cute and clever I am”. ‘Nuff said.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Let’s see, when i’m not thinking about things to blog about. Or ways to actually post stuff that makes sense to people who can’t hear my thoughts[….which I hope is everybody…right? RIGHT!!!?? are you reading my mind right now? aghhhhh!] I enjoy chilling with my friends. or listening to music. Actually I listen to music a lot. I always have some sort of music playing whether it be in my car, on my xbox, or my iPhone. Also, I LOVE random dancing. I mean there’s always a party when there’s dancing and i’m always dancing so I guess that makes me a walking party. yeahhh. Daydreaming is fun too. I like to write stuff down. Oh and of course blogging it up. And tweeting. I enjoy tweeting way too much.

Where did the name MsBriBap from?

When I was in the fifth grade I got my first AIM account. I was too scared to put my real name on there and I couldn’t

fabulous movie

think of any cool plays on words. So after like ten minutes of debating my mom just walked up and said why don’t you just put your nickname and your initials together. At the time, I was obsessed with my initials because one of my favorite movies was B.A.Ps and those were my initials. Since then I just kinda stuck with it and it’s pretty much become a part of my essence so i’m pretty much attached to it. I’ll keep it till I’m at least thirty.

What made you start this blog?

I like writing. My dream one day is to write a novel. Maybe even a fantasy fiction. But I’m really bad with keeping my inspiration and motivation going with my pleasure writing so I end up with short snippets here and there. I hope this blog will help with that. Plus I have a voice and what better way for it to be spread than on out greatest communication medium-the internet. Plus it’s just really kewl beans.

How do you choose a post topic?

Honestly, there’s no real method to my blogging madness. The closest thing I do have to a science is if there’s a holiday nearby. Then I have a little bit of inspiration and you get genius pieces like this. Other than that, it’s just things that go on in my everyday life that I feel need commenting on. I think of my blog posts as the commentary of my thoughts and my life.

Describe yourself in one word.


I love my life and everything in it. I love my God the most of all. I just love all the people in my life. All the awkward situations i get in to and all the unbelievable memories I make. My goal in life is to emit so much love from every one of my pores that those around can’t help but bask in it.

I know that sounded uber-mushy and sappy but hey we all have our weak moments.

I hope that was somewhat helpful in giving a bit on insight to Bri. Anything else you wanna know just ask me in a comment or watevs. I’m completely open to answer it.


“What profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and lose his own soul?”-Matthew 16:26


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