My Take on the Egypt/Libya Fiasco

Here’s how I feel about the whole situation: It all sucks a crap-ton.

Alot of people, and by that I mean us good ol’ jolly, pseudo-comforted Americans, are having a hard time “making themselves feel better” about the situation. I’m pretty sure I know why they are having such a difficult time making peace with the situation because I too was having a hard time making myself settled with this situation.

It’s because we’re not supposed to.

For all you not hip to the conscience-calming process we Americans tend to go through when anything bad, horrible, or otherwise undesirable happens somewhere outside of America, let me break it on down to ya.

1st: We become aware of the unfortunate events and we become one of two things-freaked out or pathetically depressed.

2nd: We realize somebody needs to do something and that somebody should be us! Gosh darn it we should have done something five hours ago.

3rd: We send money, or do some sort of community service-related thing to raise money, or fly over to the country and volunteer until we can’t lift another thing

4th: Return home ‘feeling good, feeling great’ that we made a difference knowing we helped someone somewhere live a better life

that’s about it. Or at least that’s how it is here in good ol’ Amurica! Not saying it’s wrong or bad, it’s just the way we deal with foreign crisis. Actually that’s how we deal with domestic crisis too[i.e. Hurricane Katrina].  That is our cycle of dealing with, and soon after minimizing, the impact of the problem.

Funny thing about the crisis in North Africa is that there is no quick and easy process to making this go away.  No amount of money is gonna make this better. There’s no cool volunteer trip to go on where we can bond and share stories and risk our lives for the sake of man kind. Well you could fly over there but i doubt there’ll be any fun bonding times. It’ll be more like join the revolution as we stage an overthrow of the reigning power. And I’m not knocking volunteering i feel its a wonderful thing to help others better their situation. That being I said, I feel there’s no good way to volunteer the ‘awful’ away in Libya and Egypt.

We have to deal with the situation in all its grotesque, mortifying, blood-stained, gruesome-yet-inspiring glory. Why?

Because that’s what fights are. Particularly fights for freedom. The people in North Africa may not be happy now but they are a lot closer toward happiness than they were about two months ago.  And they’ll get their freedom. Whenever the people of any entity come together for a common purpose, things get done. It is very clear that the people of Egypt and Libya-or at least the radicals- have come together.

So to the fight for freedom and the overthrow of extreme undesirable government I say cheers. It is unfortunate the innocents who are being caught in the crossfire. I pray for the people of both of those countries every night because whenever there is mass civil unrest lives are lost.

Although we cannot brush the unrest in North Africa off it’s okay. There is change going on and there is nothing wrong with that.

Revolutions and Love


“God is love, whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him”-1 John 4:16


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