This is the Recap (a few things I picked up over the past month)

Hello friends, followers, and people who stumbled on this page purely by accident!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I apologize for that. One of the big reasons for me being M.I.A. is due to the fact that I moved cross the country to Washington DC and have basically spent the past two months either preparing for that moving or getting adjusted to that move. So I’ve been at a lost for blog-spiriation since I hadn’t really found my groove as a northerner yet….well my groove has been found so  HUZZAH! This post is basically a few things I’ve learned over the past month from being up here. But don’t get it twisted I’m still a Southern Girl to the fullest.

So here goes:

It Gets Hot as Hell in August up here too

This is how I feel

Contrary to what I believed prior to living here, the North is not the land of cool and bearable weather year round. Out of the entire month I’ve been up here, I’ve caught like two days below 78 degrees. TWO! It gets legit 80 degree and above hot up here. Mind you it’s nowhere near as humid as down in La, (even though people up here insist on whining about how humid it is up here) it’s still hot nonetheless. Like a dry heat, with the sun peering at you as you walk from the Metro to your apt. trying not to collapse under  it’s horribly hot pressure.

Whoadies exist everywhere in the nation

Being as how I live outside of DC, and parking in the city is obnoxious, and driving in the city is obnoxious, and gas is

This is what I see when I encounter a whoady

high, and the Metro is minutes away from my house, I tend to walk places a lot now. Whether it be to or from the Metro or to class or the store, I’m out amongst the people a good bit more now than I was back in the Burg. Well as I walk to and fro every so often I come across some random dude who either “wants my numbah, so he could get to know me betta'” or just comes out and asks “Aye, you got a man? [I always say yes regardless of my relationship status] Need any new friends?” These are people that are commonly known down in NOLA as whoadies. Imagine my surprise when I found this breed of fellow also existed and thrived up here in the DMV.

Sweet Tea is something to be cherished at all costs

This is a point that has been hit on several times before in previous North/South comparisons but it is so important that it must be mentioned again! I now know that all the times I enjoyed the delicious, sugary goodness that is Sweet Tea in either NOLA or the Burg I was taking it for granted. I can’t find decent sweet tea anywhere. Whenever something is labeled sweet tea up here, they are spreading falsities and untruths. It’s like they take normal tea, drop in a scoop of sugar and mix it up and then dilute it with water and then they serve it to you. A travesty I say!

You can be all up in someone’s personal space and not worry about being physically threatened soon after

Down South if you have the means to drive you drive, or bike or walk but while you’re doing any one of these things you are  probably pretty far from any one near you.  Even if you’re walking and talking with someone you are probably still a good foot apart from them. Up here, folks just brush on past you and bump into you and get all in your bubble. Nobody thinks it’s weird or anything. On a Metro car during rush hour there’s a great chance that someone will probably be touching you as you all are riding to your next stop.Being that close to someone where I’m from raises a lot of questions, and possible threats to your personage, but up here its just the way things go.

Walk fast, run if you need to, just get the heck out the way 

People up here move fast! There are very specific guidelines about where to stand on the escalator (to the right if you’re not walking) and where to walk on the sidewalk. These rules exist so that everyone has the chance to get where they’re trying t0 go as fast as they possibly can. If you stand on the wrong side of the Metro some one will run up on you and say “excuse me” very loudly as they try to nudge you of the way. Clearly it’s get it how you live up here too.

There’s no need to sacrifice swag [yeah i said the word swag] to fit in

Sometimes the Metro car doors are about to close just as you step from the stairs onto the boarding platform. I’ve seen several people break out into a full sprint from the stairs to the car in an effort to catch the train. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I make it a point to start my transit early so that I’m not in a rush to get to wherever I’m trying to go so unless there’s not another train coming for twenty minutes or I’m running late I pretty much stand there and watch the train pull off . I can’t bring myself to start a 100m dash with my book-bag and purse flailing about in order to catch the train. This may also have something to do with my fear of being chopped in half by the train doors since they’re not like elevator doors which open back up when it senses a body. No these close without mercy.

Once again, get it how you live.

Finding a place to worship Your Jesus is work

I went through this battle when I moved to Hattiesburg four years ago so it only makes sense that I go through it again up here. I trust that the Lord will provide an awesome place for me to enjoy church soon enough, but of course I’m impatient and want to find something ASAP. Guess that’s part of the adventure, trying different things out until you find the prefect fit.

Seeing as how I’ve only been up here a month, I’m sure I have many more adventures ahead of me and tons more lessons to learn and I definitely keep you posted. But all in all  definitely love it up here! The city is alive with culture and things to do. For my readers, any other differences between the North and the South you know of? Or if anyone is a native Northerner anything you notice different about the South?


“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.”- Colossians 3:23


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  1. “Imagine my surprise when I found this breed of fellow also existed and thrived up here in the DMV.” BAHAHAHA omg dying!!! Yes, the ratchetry exists nationwide.

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