Death to Social Media (The Great Search for Meaning in Twittersphere)

There seems to be a lot of emptiness around me. As I surf on the sea that is social media I find that people are searching for a lot. They fill their Instagrams and Twitters with pictures of all the stuff they do and great quotes they found through Google or Tumblr and yet I still know nothing about their life. I think we can learn the most about perception and how one wants people to view them through social media. There are very few other areas and life where you can almost completely control your image and what people see of you. And many will laugh off social media as a complete waste of time and energy and that’s fine for them, (it’ll be even more fine of you got off the social media you spend so much time complaining about but that’s another read for another day), but I think it’s something important to be learned from social media.

You get to see the everyone for exactly who they want you to see them for. I think there’s a beauty in that. You won’t learn much about who they truly are personally, which is fine for me, because the people I follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are mostly people I’m only ever gonna know on a surface level. But I get a glimpse at who that person wants to project as and I think that could be even more telling than if they truly documented their lives as they were. Believe it or not, people are more than their current circumstances and current situations. As much as we like to believe that we have total agency over our surroundings we sometimes just don’t, and things don’t work out the way we planned, and we end up living a life that doesn’t match up with the ten year bar graph that we made three years ago during our sophomore year of college. But when you are able to share with the world what you believe the best/most acceptable/most favorable version of your life and your surroundings to be that shows who you want to be. So no, I may not know all the truths and realities of your life, but I can see what you believe would be most pleasing to a general audience (in which I’m included). And I think any judgement I make on the things that you CHOSE,being of sound mind and having enough good sense to know how it will be taken, to post on a social media site is as fair a judgement as any I could’ve made had I followed you around with a camera.

I just think there is serious wonder in being able to project who you believe people want to see you be. Social Media may tell us a little more about people than we think

Just a ramble is all.


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