On the Challenge of Being A Carefree Black Girl

Being A Carefree Black Girl is a Choice, Not An Obligation

Staying Calm When They’re Dropping Bombs [The Get Your Life Post]

I want you to be great in the world. Here go some advice on excelling and living with purpose and the whatnot.

Because Iyanla’s Busy [Things I Do to Fix My Life]

I'm about folks dealing with their issues, letting go of their demons, and moving on with their lives. I think it's one of the healthiest things we as humans can do for ourselves outside of talking and fellowshipping with God. If you've neverĀ heardĀ of Iyanla, she's a life counselor (or at least that's what I call … Continue reading Because Iyanla’s Busy [Things I Do to Fix My Life]

Things That Make My Heart Happy

As anyone who knows me I like being all happy and bubbly and joyous and such. therefore I like to do stuff that puts me in that state of being. here's a few of those things, I think they'll probably make you all joyous also. Running A Mile Yep I said running a mile. I … Continue reading Things That Make My Heart Happy