Things That Make My Heart Happy

As anyone who knows me I like being all happy and bubbly and joyous and such. therefore I like to do stuff that puts me in that state of being. here’s a few of those things, I think they’ll probably make you all joyous also.

Running A Mile

Yep I said running a mile. I know it sounds crazy and tiresome and like it’ll make you all sweaty. Well I mean it is but just do it. I promise you you’re gonna feel like the king/queen of the world afterwards. Once you complete it and your heart stops beating like it’s going to pop directly out of your chest and onto the floor and then run away, i swear to you you’re gonna feel like you just added thirty years onto your life.

Hugh Augustine the MC and his last album, “Hurry Up and Wait”

So i’m kinda a hip hop head. particularly conscientious/ intellectual hip hop. Actually I think that might be what hip hop might just mean [conscientious and intellectual]. Either way it goes, i like it alot. I can listen to Lupe and Common and Q-Tip and Mos Def all day. Actually I’m sure I have listened to all of these people for days at a time. I check 2 dopeboyz and several other hip hop blogs on a daily basis. Let’s just say I’m real into hip hop. So when i say someone is legit as an artist I’m actually paying them a compliment. This dude is nice. I’ve been a fan of his since February and I copped his album “Rubber Souls” back in march. That thing had been on my top 20 for a while….pretty much up until he released “Hurry Up and Wait.” I honestly listened to that album twice daily for about week straight. It’s that legit! He has a hold on lyrics and his flow is fluid. It’s not so harsh that it makes you pull back, but it’s potent enough that it grabs your attention and gets his point across. And most of his points are worth getting across. Don’t believe me check out the following links, you can thank me later:

Kanye West/G.O.O.D. Music

The only album released in November 2010 that I love more than “Hurry Up and Wait” is Kanye West’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”. Y’all i seriously love this album. I actually bought it and downloaded it on iTunes at midnight of November 22. Kanye may be one of the few people I made openly admit to d-riding. yep i said it, I am all on kanye’s jock and i have no shame about it. If this album were a person I could very well be obsessed with it and would cover my walls with pictures of it and swoon every time I saw it. THAT is how much I love this album.

The and

here are the links, just read the goodness and I won’t waste time explaining why they are awesome. You’ll see for yourself. and

Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

This is awesome because I can eat a whole pint of it by myself. I have no shame in that. Seriously, this ice cream is unbelievably delicious. It’s like they knew that cookies and ice cream combined could be nothing short of the heavens opening up and sprinkling down rainbows and manna.

Fall/Winter Clothing

I am obsessed with scarves and gloves and hats and boots. They make you all warm and shield you from the harsh cold weather. Plus when you take them off that only means one thing, HOT CHOCOLATE is near….or at least that’s what it means in my house when I ask my mom to make me hot chocolate. PLUS winter clothes means CHRISTMASTIME. i LOVE Christmas time. i get to give people reason and folks start singing and such. And i get to watch The Preacher’s Wife for the 80th time [no really i’m pretty sure I’ve seen that movie 79 times]. I love co-ordinating the outfits and getting all warm and burying yourself under covers and snuggling. AHdFKJASKLGJA<–that was me spazzing just thinking about my sweaters and such.

My Xbox 360 + Kinect and the game Dance Central

This thing is awesome. I have a Wii already so the motion sensor-ness wasn't the main goal. Until i got it and didn't need the controller to play. Plus I get to a bust a move. Anyone who knows me knows I enjoy busting moves anytime of the day. Morning, noon, or night. If i'm not unconscious, i'm probably up to busting various moves. Also, it's a crazy good workout. Plus the camera is super awesome. And you can Video chat anyone else with a kinect sensor. So it's like skyping on your xbox, with a better camera.

So that's a random list of things I hope brighten up your day.

Go with God,



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