Lets Get with the Bottle Popping

I love Christmas, I really do. And I’m all for Christmas caroling and decorating and hot chocolate and roasting chestnuts by the open fire. BUT, once December 26th hits, I’m over it. All of it. Every single light and tinsel. My whole gear shifts to the new year. I think this change has been even more dramatic this year in particular because 2010 just wasn’t my favorite year to date. I’ve pretty much been geared for NYE since about a week ago. Now I’m super geeked. I’m just ready for the awesome things that are going down in 2011.
One big deal is that me and mostly all my friends turn 21. Finally we can hit up casinos and the liquor store. I CAN FINALLY BUY MY OWN BOTTLES!! How awesome is that. Especially since I haven’t really got a chance to properly celebrate anyone’s 21 yet. So it’s basically gonna be a year long party bouncing from one birthday celebration to the next. And that can be nothing but good right? Right!
Another awesome thing is that I’ll become a senior in fall 2011. Meaning I’ll be in the last year of pursuing my degree in International business. I cannot wait! Finally a glimpse of freedom is near. A light at the end of this very expensive tunnel called college. I’ll be able to strut around campus with the weary arrogance and ecstatic anticipation that graduating seniors strut around with. Yeah buddy. I’m gonna be THAT girl.
And if for nothing else, I’m looking forward to 2011 because it’s new. It’s different. 2010 took its shots at me, and most of the people around me, and it’s worn me down. I’m ready for my fresh start and my future. New year is watsup.
BUT, before I close out I must note a few of the awesome things that did happen in 2010.
1. My godson Michael was born on my 20th bday.
2. My cousin Emmanuel was born in January.
3. I went to Spain and discovered the awesomeness of the world cup. ( or El Mundial)
4. I became an R.A. And got a JOB(praise God).
5. I spent more time learning things about the people around me.
Well that’s just a few things. Hope you all can make a list of awesome things too.
Remember God is Love.
Happy New Year!!!!

-Bri aka Briizy B. Aka the princess aka Msbribap


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