Desk Time

It is 7:17 in the morning and i am awake, at the desk. Yes my faithful nemesis-the desk[or more specifically desk hours]-has struck yet another timely blow. I got the honor of manning the gateway to our residence hall from 7 [actually 6:50] am-9am. Oh what fun. But as I got up this morning at 6:20 AM and wiped most of the sleep from my eye I realized I’m not the only one in this unfortunately early situation. There are people all across this nation who are also dragging themselves out of bed and making a pathetic sluggish trudge to  a [front] desk somewhere.

This is wrath if you didn't know

So since we’re all in this together for the time being why not make the best of it, eh? I know you’re probably wondering how can anyone possibly make the best out of sitting at a desk for two hours with pretty much nothing to do but  check ids and make sure no one is entering the building with the intention to blow it up? Well that’s what I’m here to tell you. Mind you, all these suggestions are contingent on the rules and regulations of your specific work place. Meaning if one of these suggestions violates one of the rules of your workplace then DON’T DO IT or if you decide to do it DON’T BLAME ME because i will NOT be paying you once you get fired or put on probation or whatever other wrath your boss decides to bring down upon your lowly insubordinate head

Suggestion # 1: DO WORK! yes yes I know you’re saying I clearly am already at work that makes no sense you silly silly girl!!! I mean do homework. If your boss allows you to bring books or laptops to the desk then why not. Take advantage of the study time. You can complete a crapload of online homework. You’ll be so far ahead of your work your teacher will probably mail you a crown and refer to you hereafter as His/Her Majesty the Great Completer of Online Tasks. Also, the desk is  a good reading environment so why not hop on those two chapters your professor assigned last week? You’ll be completely prepared for discussion next class and you’ll make all the people who were having fun without you when you were at the desk look bad. [FTW!!!] You’ll get a whole bunch accomplished and besides who doesn’t enjoy crowns and royal titles? I do but i must warn that the actual likelihood of you being mailed a crown are slim to none because most professors don’t give out legit crowns OR claims to nobility……MOVING ON.

Suggestion#2: Get in touch with your creative side. Why not bring markers and some paper and get to drawing. If no more than doodling, at least your doing something. I’ve made many an epic creation with my desk time. I’ve found about two new ways to draw my name just in the past week! Who knows what may become of your desk artistry? Your creation may end up in NOMA[ that’s New Orleans Museum of Art for all you non-504 people]. I mean Da Vinci probably was doodling one day and next thing you know BOW the Mona Lisa. Now tell me that’s not one baller doodle? Speaking of the Mona Lisa, can I just say that I’m not that fond of it. Its a picture of a lady. With a crooked smile. Who looks super bored. I mean SUPER bored. What inspired Leonardo to paint that? Was he perhaps wandering the streets of whatever city he was in at the time, looking for inspiration and wandered into a bar. And in that bar did he get super duper wasted i mean SCHWASTED and finally leave around 5 the next morning and on his way home did he perchance look in the windows of the houses and in one of those houses see her? Sorry that was a tangent. Which brings us to my next suggestion..

Suggestion #3: Use your *in Spongebob voice* imagination. I must warn you this suggestion is only for the vivid in

I know we all saw this episode

imagination and random at heart. Sometimes when its incredibly slow up here at the desk, I just sit back and think. Usually that thinking will lead my mind to wander to the vasts corners of my overactive imagination. And i mean yeah you should totally be paying attention to the people coming in and out of the front desk and making sure they’re not miscreants with the intent of blowing up the building-or you know doing something smaller scale like ripping down your door decs-but when things slow down a little why not go on over to the funland in your mind and have a little imaginative fun!

Suggestion #4: this one is for the smartphone users. play a few games on your phone! Mute the phone of course. For all my fellow TEAM iPHONE members i HIGHLY recommend RagDoll Blaster 2, NinJump and GlassTower 2. Trust me these games are addicting and they make the time fly by very quickly. This is of course if you promise to only use the games when you can and not when you should be doing something else!!

Well that’s all I have for now. I hope this has been helpful because us workers of the desk need to stick together. Because if we don’t look out for each other, who will? [the answer to that is no one because its not like we have a union or anything crazy-cool like that] Well Addios for now my faithful friends.

Until I blog again, with much love and many good intentions,



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