School Time is Here!!!…for the 5millionth time.

SO school is officially in session. Yeppers, all the kiddies are back sharpening their pencils, the high schoolers have ironed all the wrinkles out of their uniforms, and the college kids have finally rolled out of their beds and grudgingly dragged themselves to class. It seems that I’ve been going “back 2 school” for as long as I could remember…..because I have. Yet, the event hasn’t lost its luster, or at least not to me. Every August I still find some aspect of the Back to School bonanza to get geeked about. It’s just changed from being excited about a new pack of Crayola markers to being excited about decorating my dorm room. This year in particular has been pretty interesting already, due to my RA-ness, surprisingly I get a whole lot more done. Another fun fact about this year is that i get my own room-another benefit of Resident Assistantship. The first time in a long time that I’ve had my own room. Which means I have this whole space to decorate and make all Bri-like and such. I’m still working on it…right now its half Bri, half “Bri is too lazy to finish”, but hey I have plenty of time to finish..hopefully I’ll do it before the semester ends. But yeah, Back to School is still banging in my book. SO welcome back folks, let’s make it a good one.

dance to Jai Ho of course

So I’m pretty sure you all are wondering what I’ve been doing with my free time. Well I can tell you one thing I have not been doing-schoolwork. I know that sounds horrible but its true. I have no need to. My workload for this semester is ridiculously light and what little work I have, I do at the desk. Basically, Desk Time+Light WorkLoad=fun briizy free time. And we all know what I love to do with my free time…

One thing I’ve been able to do is music. Now before you start trying to book me for your cousin’s 8th birthday party, I haven’t been making music, I’ve been discovering music, good music at that. I’ve always thought The Roots were legit especially after I copped their ‘How I Got Over’ album but this week I’ve been listening to a couple of their other albums and can I just say they are way more legit than I initially thought they were. I promise you I’ve listened to ‘The Tipping Point’ and ‘Rising Down’ at least five different times this week. My faves off “Rising Down” are Rising Up, I Can’t Help It, and Singing Man. Tipping Point’s highlights are Star, Stay Cool, and Boom and Why(What’s Going On). At first I thought these albums paled in comparison to  H.I.G.O. because I was still enthralled in it, but once I completed my journey through H.I.G.O. and made my peace with it, my ears were open to taking in more goodness. That’s exactly what I found with these other two albums. I plan on making my way to Phrenology and Things Fall Apart once I finish going through these two gems.

"You Know them Stakes Is High"

Another piece of genius I’ve come across is “Stakes Is High” by De La Soul. I’ve had all of De La’s albums on my comp for about six months now but for some reason my hip hop ear wasn’t catching on to their flow. Well it finally did and I’ve been banging ‘Long Island Degrees’ ever since. I love that track. “Stakes Is High” and “Sunshine” are also legit. The whole album is great, and as with most pieces of art, you gotta take in the whole package to get the full effect. I also took a dive into De La’s “De la Soul is Dead” and I must say this record is hard and I mean hard. Its gritty and harsh and is pretty much the ugly truth, for lack of a better euphemism. The beats are tight (as all of the Native Tongues Artists’s usually are) but if you actually listen to the words, you’ll immediately hear these dudes are talking about real stuff. Real issues, problems, troubles. Even though this record is over a decade old it’s still relevant, as most TRUE hip hop tracks are. In the next couple of weeks I’ll get into ‘Buhloone Mindstate’ and ‘3 feet High and Rising’-and you should do your mind a favor and follow suit. I promise it’ll be a treat.  If you can’t tell I kinda love discovering music. Dissecting it into little pieces, finding the meaning, and piecing it back together just to find a completely different picture from the one you initially took apart. Yeah, I love stuff like that. The fun thing about that process is you could apply it to any genre-hip hop, rap, R&B, country- and it would still work.

Now that I’ve gotten off my music soap box, I guess I’m done here. I hope everyone’s school year is starting off as great as mine because I can feel it in my bones that this junior year is gonna be a great one [unlike my horrid junior year of high school, i twitch jut thinking about it]. And why shouldn’t it be? It’s a clean slate, new classes, new professors, and you haven’t had a chance to fail anything yet-i hope. So why not make it the best ‘whatever level’ year of your life. That’s my game plan.

And on that note I leave you with this bit of greatness!

-Love Bri


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