You got your refund check? Oh you fancy huh?

On September 1st, the Lord called down from the heavens and spoke to the financial bigwigs at the University of Southern Mississippi and said “Release the Refunds!” And after this ordinance from God himself, USM released the funds owed to the many students of Southern Miss. At the point there was a noise heard all around Hattiesburg and that noise was KA-CHING!

I’m writing this post as a help to those who were fortunate to be blessed with a refund check. I know, I know I’m kinda late and that some of you have long spent your refund money, but I’m writing this in hopes of saving someone’s check. Most universities haven’t released their refunds yet so there is still for some students out there. If at least one person doesn’t blow their entire check on forever21, Apple products, or getting their rims redone, then I will be at peace. Here are a few tips on what to do with your refund check..

1st thing SAVE

Yep, that’s what I said, save at least some of your refund check, if no more that 100 dollars for hard times. You never know when you might need it. Besides your new kicks from Journeys won’t buy you a six pack of ramen noodles during exam week when you most need it! Nor will your Hollister hoodie help you call AAA when you get a flat. So please good students of America , save something. Trust me, it’s for your own good.

2nd thing(that is of equal, if not greater, value of the first thing)  PLAN

Have a game plan for your moolah. I know it helped me to write down all i needed/wanted to do with my money. This way you can visually see how your money should disbursed amongst the several facets of your life. Making a list also tends to stop you from overspending or going crazy once you do decide to treat yourself. I know when I have a list of things I need to do with my money I’m less likely to blow it all at Forever 21 or American Eagle. Sit down, write all your financial obligations first (such as rent, cell phone bills, car notes, etc.). Then move on to what you want (such as an iPhone 4, an iHome for that iPhone, Skull Candy earphones to match your great phone, new case for cool awesome phone, etc.). After you make your wants list, make yourself an estimate on how much everything will cost. before I bought anything with my money, I looked online to see who had the best price for what I wanted that way I got the best deal. Trust me planning keeps you from becoming this…a hobo.



3rd thing: Okay go ahead treat yourself

You deserve it! Go and get that new dress or new hat you like. Just don’t get crazy! You do want some money left, don’t you? Yeah, you do.

So I hope this was a little bit helpful. I mean you only get one refund check a semester so make it count for something. Also, make sure you’re happy with the goodies you acquire with your refund dinero. I myself invested some of my money, bought some jewelry and of course bought a whole bunch of gear for my iPhone 4[yeheeeh team iPhone] annnnnnd I still have a good bit left. whoooo.

alright! gotta go count money somewhere. Blog later!



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