The Subtle Evil of Cambria Default Font {and other things I think exist just to be annoying}

I am not one to take things personally most days. Even when people are intentionally mean to me I usually brush off as “oh it’s probably nothing personal.” I honestly don’t see the value in being super sensitive. It’s just not in my bones. Besides most people are so busy doing their own thing that they don’t even realize their actions or words have affected you. But there are certain things that I believe people have intentionally done to annoy the living heck out of me. It’s not just targeted at me, its society as a whole. And I’m convinced that the only reason people have done such things is to be annoying and devious. Here’s a list of those things:

Make Cambria the default font in Microsoft Word

Any one who went to school in the last decade and a  half has had to turn in typed assignments. All typed assignments generally have the same requirements 12-point font, double-spaced, one-inch margins and Times New Roman font. Up until about 08 Microsoft Word made TNR the default font because oh i don’t every one uses it for every thing. Then after like 2008 they came out with like Windows 09 and they made Cambria the default. Why in the world would they make Cambria the default font. WHO TYPES IN CAMBRIA? It’s almost exactly like Times yet not enough that teachers mistake it for Times and therefore dock points off your paper for using the wrong the font because you forgot to change it….[sorry I had a flashback]

Continue to let Nicki Minaj get in front of a camera crew and Do stuff

She is basic. She becomes more basic and fake and pop-tarty as days go by. She is a sensationalist and the things she says don’t make since. Plus I can’t get over her playing with my Jesus at the Grammys a couple of months ago. She gets in front of cameras and make women look REALLY bad. Clearly she’s a part of the giant world scheme to indoctrinate the youth with insurmountable amounts of basic behavior and ignorance.

Drive out into moving Traffic and then drive at a rate far below the speed limit

Honestly, this is pretty self explanatory. Not gonna lie, if you do this in front of me, especially on the interstate I’m gonna start talking about your momma. [I’m sorry, the Lord is still working on me and my patience. Pray for me.]

Hate on The Cosby Show

The Cosbys were the most splendid, and pleasant TV family one could ever watch. And the fact they were Black made it so much better. Finally, a positive depiction of Blacks on TV where we weren’t ignorant, shuffling, or in the ghetto….and people have made the argument that it wasn’t a real enough depiction of Black people. Really now? AND what exactly does this general image of a Black family?

*grabs pop corn and soda*

I’ll wait while you get an appropriate answer.

Ignore the presence of real social issues (racism, poverty, the slaughtering of 1000s of people) 

I understand that your allegiance to YMCMB is important. And Heaven forbid you miss the latest episode of some member of The Kardashian clan taking over some poor unsuspecting city, but when I look at my twitter feed and people are talking incessantly about these things while people are being murdered in the streets because of their “suspicious look” due to their race, soldiers are blowing up the homes of innocents, and low-income citizens are slowly dying because they aren’t having their health checked regularly I get a smidge irritated. And i know you retweeted “Stop Kony 2012” thirty million times and posted the link to the Youtube video on your news feed but really what else are you aware of going on. I know it’s hard to pull yourself away from Single Ladies and The Draft but please people know that everything in this world is not peachy-keen. That’s all.

Well that’s about it for my list but what bugs you so much that you think people do it on purpose?

Go with God,


“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: the old has gone, the new is here!”-2 CORINTHIANS 5:17


3 thoughts on “The Subtle Evil of Cambria Default Font {and other things I think exist just to be annoying}

  1. I wait for an appropriate response too! Black or White or Mexican, The Cosby Show was great TV. The fact that it showed a different type of Black family was just a bonus.

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